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We accept Gerber files generated with Cadsoft's Eagle Layout Editor. A freeware version of Eagle is available which allows the creation of two-layer boards up to 4 x 3.2 inches in size.

Include the following files in your PCB submission email:

  1. Top layer (component side) ("*.cmp")
  2. Bottom Layer (solder side) ("*.sol")
  3. Board outline ("*.bol")
  4. Drill file ("*.drd")

Instructions for producing the above files:

  1. Download this ZIP file with Two Eagle CAM Job Files.
  2. Unzip the file into the directory "(Eagle N)/examples/cam/examples" (or "Eagle/cam" for Eagle versions 8 and earlier). If you don't have write permission in this directory on your machine, you can unzip it somewhere else.
  3. From the Eagle board editor (NOT the schematic editor), do "File, CAM Processor, File, Open, Job". If you are using Eagle 9, open the job file "". If you are using an older version of Eagle, open "".
  4. You don't need to change anything in the menus; just hit the "Process Job" button.
  5. The files listed above should now be in the same directory with your board files. Email them to me using the instructions here.

There are good Eagle tutorials on YouTube.

Parts Library: Here is an Eagle parts library file I created that contains footprints for XB modules, DIP relays, and parts we have in the shop like PCB-mount 3.5mm jacks and breadboard pushbuttons.

Autorouter Parameters: If you insist on using Eagle's Autorouter function, please download the Design Rules and Autorouter parameters files here, then follow the instructions for using them instead of using the Eagle defaults.

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