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Commonly Needed Adapters Are Available

Many student PCB requests are for adapter boards to plug non-DIP components into a protoboard. We have some types of these pre-designed. They are either in stock at the Electronics Shop or can be fabricated on request without you having to design them. We can also supply the pin strips to solder into the side holes.

SMD-to-DIP Adapters

These adapters for common surface mount components are available from the shop.

8-pin Narrow SOIC In Stock
14-pin Narrow SOIC In Stock
16-pin Narrow SOIC In Stock
8-pin SOIC Wide, Medium, or Narrow Body Available on request
14-pin SOIC Wide or Narrow Body Available on request
16-pin SOIC, Wide or Narrow Body Available on request
16-pin QFN In stock
14-pin TTSOP In stock

RJ12 Adapter to connect Microchip ICD Programmer to PIC

If you are using a Microchip ICD programmer to program a PIC microcontroller, this adapter allows you to plug the RJ12 cable from the ICD directly into your protoboard for testing. But it will be useful in any situation where you need to connect a 6-pin flat cable to the breadboard.

RJ12-to-DIP Available on Request

Digi XBee module to DIP Adapter

This allows breadboard testing of the popular XBee wireless modules from Digi, which have 2mm pin spacing rather than the 2.54mm hole spacing on protoboards.

Digi XBee Module-to-DIP Available on Request

If the adapter you need is not on this page... might be able to purchase it from Proto-Advantage, Sparkfun, or Bellin Dynamic Systems.

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